Sunday, October 30, 2011

Almost show time

First, I am a bad, bad blogger. I realize this and I need to change that!

Second, I am very busy at the moment preparing for 2 upcoming shows. One of them is an Open House with 2 other local artists. I have never done this type of show before so it should be fun and hopefully some neighbourhood peeps will actually drop in! I also volunteered to design a quick poster for the Open House - I am certainly NOT a designer. Here is my attempt:

The 2nd show is a huge craft show - also in my neighbourhood but should draw in a larger crowd since it is advertised. Strangely enough, I have not been sent a flyer or additional information about that show. (Note to self: please email organizer and ask what's up with that!)

In sewing related news, I actually managed to convince the kids to sew up their own trick or treat bags for Halloween. Of course, we made them together but I was so proud of them! They listened carefully to all the safety rules and I think they had a good time. I'll take a picture of them in their costumes, carrying those awesome bags and post it here on Tuesday.