Friday, November 9, 2012


When I saw all of the beautiful ribbons available on Etsy, I went a little crazy and ordered quite a few. I just couldn't help myself - I love the colours, the textures, the patterns. So many possibilities! Depending on what you make of course.

I just received this stack of ribbons in a 1 inch width from Les Bon Ribbons on Etsy and they are really fabulous (except for the bright lime green one which I thought was going to be pale yellow):

Now I need to figure out how to use these. I sometimes add them as an accent on a bag which I could do again. Or I could incorporate them into clutches and wristlets? Time to brainstorm!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Upcoming Event: Local Artisans Open House

If you are looking for a great evening out, I will be 1 of 4 fabulous artists at this open house event in my neighbourhood. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Japanese Fabrics

These beauties arrived in the mail yesterday. I just love the colours, the texture and the patterns of Japanese fabrics.

I am just finishing up some smart phone wristlets and then I really want to tackle some projects with these. I can't decide - smaller clutches/wristlets or accent pieces on large bags?

If you are interested in snapping up some of these prints for yourself, you can find them at FabricMade on Etsy.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

De-stash Time!

As I continue with my work, I realize that I have made many foolish purchases in the past when it comes to fabric choices. I make purses. So why do I keep buying fabric intended for quilts and children's clothing? Well, the answer is simple. Because they are gorgeous and I want to see them in person!

So today I am starting to sort through them and whatever I haven't washed or cut will be prepped for selling on Etsy. I do have some gems hidden away in my stash.... like this beauty:

Sprites of Tillbrook by Alexander Henry

I LOVE this fabric. It is extremely rare since it has been out of print for a very long time but I just don't have any use for it. I will also be selling any hardware I don't need. At great prices. So if you sew, stay tuned!