Monday, April 7, 2014

Pattern Review: Natty Janes Leather Baby Shoe

I haven't sewn any new baby items in quite a while but when this pattern popped up in my Facebook news feed I could not resist. Some friends of ours are having a baby girl in a couple of months and I thought this would make a great gift!

I also happen to have TONS of leather scraps in my sewing room so I picked out 2 coordinating colours and went to work. The pattern pieces are simple to print and cut out. The instructions are clear and simple. Sewing with leather is not very easy though.

I used very soft lambskin leather for the shoes' uppers and that tends to really shift and move around when you're sewing with it. So I did line my shoes with felt as suggested in the pattern and whenever I could, I did my sewing with the felt side up which really helped. I used a stiffer cowhide leather for the soles in a neutral beige colour.

I decided to go with the simple mary jane style of shoe and added some straps that matches the toe caps.  The tops of the heels did not line up perfectly which really irks me as I like things to be perfect. I used pearl snaps for the straps and one of them is not exactly in the position I would have liked but since leather does not forgive, I could not remove it and change the position. Of course, for my first pair they are far from perfect. But it's not bad for a first try!

Now Mr Blue Calla mentioned that perhaps my colour choices are not appropriate for a baby girl. I personally love using anything other than pink. Would you put these on your daughter? Should I make a pair of red ones instead? Brown ones?

If you'd like to attempt making your own, here is the pattern.