Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A new style of cosmetic bag

I have been trying to think of a new style of cosmetic bag for a while now. I wanted something that was prettier than a simple zipper pouch (which you can find by the thousands on Etsy). I decided to modify the square buttercup bag pattern I used to sew by eliminating the strap, straightening the top edge of the band over the the pleats and using a ripstop nylon for the lining.

I have tons of ideas for variations on this style of cosmetic bag - mostly pretty ideas to dress up the top band: ribbon bows, appliques and decorative stitching patterns. The best part of my cosmetic bags (in my opinion) is the lining. This lining can be pulled out of the bag, washed, dried and put back inside. It's a good idea to keep your cosmetic bag clean and free of bacteria and this ripstop lining makes it very easy.

Another great feature is the size. These bags are HUGE which means enough room for my cosmetics AND my lotions and potions. Measurements are: 8.75 inches wide at the top, 9.5 inches wide at the bottom, 7.5 inches high and 4 inches deep. I can easily fit at least 6 4 ounce jars!

Here are a few of the first bags I've made:

A view of the inside - 2 4 ounce jars and a bottle of lotion (tons of room to spare!)

I've been so horrible at posting lately. I am going to try and change that. I would really love to share tutorials and maybe even free patterns. 


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