Friday, October 26, 2012

Designing is hard work!

I have been so busy lately trying to come up with my own product line. By this I mean a specific set of styles that I will make over and over in different fabrics and materials. This is difficult in so many ways:

  • I am a busy Mom. Mr. Blue Calla works very long hours so I can afford to stay at home to work on my little business and take care of our 2 very spirited kids. Which means I pretty much do it all - cooking, cleaning, laundry, taking kids to school, after school activities, play dates, etc. And I run Blue Calla. So yes, pretty much everything.
  • Deciding and designing specific styles of bags is tons of fun but also stressful. What if no one likes and wants to buy the styles I choose? It is a huge investment in time and money that could be completely wasted. On the other hand, it could be EXACTLY what my business needs. Only time will tell.
  • Coming up with a design that I have not seen elsewhere. You would be surprised how many times I've thought that a new bag idea is genius and then I accidentally find that very style of bag while browsing the internet. It happens - a lot! Whether it be a design accent on the outside, or a feature on the inside, it has almost always already been done. 
  • Finding the time to create. It's practically impossible at this time in my life. But the kids come first so I will do my best!
Last night I finally decided what most of my collection will include. I am still stuck on a design for a smaller bag. I want a bag that can convert from a short shoulder strap to a cross body strap. 

I've purchased so many interesting new materials including some japanese imported fabrics like these:

These lovely fabrics can be found here.

And I've also bought a new selection of jacquard ribbons like these:

I've purchased these from Les' Bon Ribbon which I've purchased from before and have not been disappointed.

In terms of fabrics - I will be continuing with canvas, lambskin and cowhide as well as denim. And whenever I can get some nice colours, corduroy like this shoulder bag:

Pleated Shoulder Bag in Corduroy

Enough typing - time to get sewing!

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