Sunday, April 21, 2013

Coming Soon: The Dahlia Drawstring Duffle Bag

Just a few more tweaks and I should have a new pattern available very soon! This adorable drawstring bag is perfect for the younger crowd (teenagers?) who aren't quite ready to start carrying purses but still want something trendy and stylish to carry around. I used this GORGEOUS Anna Maria Horner fabric for the outside - it's a cotton velveteen and SO soft. I loved how it coordinated perfectly with the turquoise blue chevron twill I used on the top.

This will be a medium sized bag and to make it very handy, it will come with a cross body strap. I just have a few tweaks to make - the drawstring closure doesn't close all the way because I used a heavy cotton canvas for the lining and a heavyweight twill on the outside so the fabric doesn't really bunch up enough to close the bag completely. I will have to change it so that top exterior fabric is done with a quilt weight cotton.

See? Not closing!!
Another great feature is the bottom - I used a beautiful faux leather for the bottom so the bag can be set down without getting dirty. Personally, I never set my bags down on the floor regardless - they have a special spot on the coat rack. But in case you do like to set your bag down on the floor, this bag is ready. AND the way the bottom is sewn on, you don't need a walking foot or teflon foot for your machine since there is no topstitching.

Measurements are:

Diameter of bottom: 7.5 inches
Height up to bottom of chevron fabric: 9 inches

I should hopefully have the pattern ready by end of week but no promises. Every time I set this kind of deadline, I get swamped with orders. :)

View of adjustable strap

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