Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Lovely new fabric

I've been on a bit of spending freeze when it comes to new fabric lately. I have so much quilt weight cotton in stock, I could line hundreds of bags with it. However, I am always on the look out for home decor weight canvas for the outside of my bags. I just don't use lighter cottons for the outside of purses anymore - it's not practical or durable. And there is such a great selection of heavier weight fabrics now!

I used to buy tons of fabric from Hawthorne Threads but they only have a small selection of home decor weight. When I saw that they stocked some of these beautiful coloured denims, I pounced on them right away.

Crossroads Denim by Amy Barickman

They are not as thick as the denim I normally use but the colours are wonderful. I just need to decide what I will use them for! They are also washed which means they are very soft to the touch.

I also found some great organic canvas from a shop on Etsy called Sew Fine Fabric. I normally would not splurge on Organic fabric like these but they are gorgeous and she had a 30% sale with flat shipping rates that couldn't be beat.

The Line Leaf prints on the left are from Cloud 9 and the 2 on the right after from The Grove collection by Jay-Cyn for Birch.

Again, my problem is deciding how to use them. I will not be able to afford to buy more so I must use them carefully. If you love fabric like I do, it is SO painful to cut into that fresh yardage for the first time.

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