Thursday, December 5, 2013

New Pattern Coming Soon!

Very soon 2014 will be here and I'm pretty excited about leaving 2013 behind. It was not very good to me personally and professionally.

It means that it is time for me to try something completely different! So starting in 2014, I will focus mainly on pattern design and my pattern shop. I will probably try and find an alternative to Etsy as well because although I love the instant download feature, after I pay the Etsy listing fee and the Paypal fee, I barely get paid for my patterns. (If you have ever attempted to create a pattern, you will realize how much work it is. For a larger bag, it takes me at least 2 weeks of working everyday to create a PDF pattern!!)

Now for those who love my handmade creations, do not fret. I will have plenty of sample bags to sell in my regular Etsy shop. I will also accept custom orders for any of my patterns in your choice of fabrics. I simply can't go on just trying to sell larger bags only. I know some Etsy sellers seem to have great luck selling bags at a $100+ price point but I am not one of them. I don't know if it's my photos or styles or lack of features or bad fabric selections but I am exhausted trying to figure it out.

So to start things off, here is my first bag pattern of 2014:

It does not have a name yet but if you're paying attention, it will most certainly have a flower theme to it. :)

This is a larger sized bag measuring approximately 13 inches wide at the bottom, 9 inches high at the centre and 4 inches deep. It has double shoulder straps which are not optional and a removable cross body strap which will be optional. On this test bag, there is an identical outside pocket on BOTH sides of the bag but of course, that is optional. You could make it with a pocket on one side or have none at all.

There are some optional faux leather accents. But they can be made in any fabric you want although I would recommend using something thicker than quilting cotton. (As an aside, I am no longer using quilt weight cotton on any of my bags except for the lining. It's just not durable enough!) I can't say enough nice things about faux leather - much cheaper than real leather, looks really great, easier to sew and just as durable if you buy a good quality. I buy mine at and I usually buy the more expensive stuff.

More pictures (because everyone loves pictures right?):

I have my usual  inside pockets: 3 slip pockets and 1 zippered pocket but of course, all of this is customizable. 

I am currently making some changes to the pattern and sewing another sample bag. I just wanted to change the way the bottom was made and the faux leather bottom will come up the sides of the bag slightly. I've heard from many that they did not like fabric touching the floor when they set the bag down so I will solve that problem. 

This is a longer sewing project - it takes me up to 4 hours to make this bag but I think it is worth it. There is a total of 6 decent pockets. This is a great everyday bag!

I have tons of sketches for more patterns including some pillow cover ideas. If you want to see which patterns I currently have for sale, check out my pattern shop on Etsy!

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