Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Coming soon: The Begonia Convertible Belt Bag

Today I am introducing my latest sewing pattern: the Begonia Convertible belt bag!

This is a fabulous bag because it can be worn 3 different ways: over one shoulder, across the body AND as a belt bag. A couple of years ago, I did have something similar in my shop and for some strange reason (I always do this!), I stopped making it. But here is a new version and hopefully it will appeal to all the sewers out there!

The dimensions of this bag are 9  inches wide and about 6.5 inches high. I used faux leather to accent this bag but again, this is completely optional and for the pattern instructions, I will stick to using fabric only.

The bag has a flap and magnetic snap closure and there is a main focus fabric and an accent fabric along the bottom. I am hoping to make some variations of this and include them in the pattern. I think it's always good to give folks a lot of ideas for inspiration.

Under the flap on the outside, there are 2 slip pockets. One is a great size for a smart phone (iPhone 6 is pictured below) and the other could fit keys, lip balm, etc.

On the inside, there is the main compartment and one zippered pocket to store valuables.

I will also try to come up with a formula to figure out the appropriate size for the strap so that it fits around a person's waist. It is hard to come up with a length that will work for everyone so I think a formula would be most helpful.

I can really see this as a great travel bag because you can be hands free and still carry your essentials. I believe this bag could also accommodate most full size wallets!

I will sew up a few more samples along with the pattern sample bag and keep everyone updated on its progress. I am hoping to get Mr Blue Calla's help taking photos of the bag worn the 3 different ways as well.

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