Friday, January 2, 2015

Coming soon: The Zinnia

I have been working very hard over the past couple of days and accomplished quite a lot. Introducing The Zinnia Zippered Pleated Bag:

The exterior of this bag is made completely from faux leather. I used 2 coordinating patterns: one solid pebbled chocolate brown for the pleated sides and a heavy pebbled tan with chocolate brown spots for the middle panel and the top band.  Keep in mind though - this bag CAN be made in a different fabric other than faux leather. Canvas, denim,  home decor weight. These are all great choices. However if you do choose to use faux leather, I am strongly recommending either a walking foot or a teflon foot (best investment I ever made was my walking foot!!!). Otherwise, this bag could be very difficult to sew properly.

I used double straps for this bag and I've given instructions on how to sew faux leather straps a whole new way which I believe is better than before. 

This will also be my first pattern with a zippered closure. I did realize when I was adding the pull tab to the end of the zipper that I had used the wrong size. It did not affect the way the zipper works at all but made the "open wide" feature I had intended a little less "wide".

But wait. I am not done yet! This pattern will also include instructions for an alternate version of this bag made in fabric with a faux leather bottom and adjustable cross body strap. I will be splitting the instructions in separate files so that you can mix and match features to make it exactly the bag YOU want.

I will be posting another update with the alternate bag version very soon. Stay tuned!

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