Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Zinnia Zippered Panel Bag - Now available!

As part of the goals I have set for my business this year, I would like to release at least 2 new patterns every month. I am quite proud of having listed this new pattern yesterday - only 7 days into the new year!

Before I started working on this pattern, I had already created a few bags in this design. Some by custom request and others just for fun. Here are a few example bags I have made to give you an idea of the possibilities:

Large Pleated Zippered Cross Body Bag in Echino Bicycles with Vegan Leather

Large Pleated Zippered Shoulder Bag in Black Denim with Organic Leaf Line Canvas in Black and White

Large Pleated Zippered Cross Body Bag in Grey and Yellow Floral Canvas with Black Denim (SOLD)

Large Pleated Zippered Cross Body Bag in Echino Bird with Vegan Leather

A few notes about this pattern:

  • I do find this pattern to be a bit more of a challenge due to the variations as well as the zippered closure. I would recommend some experience with sewing zippers before attempting this pattern
  • The use of faux leather is completely optional however if you do choose to use it, I highly recommend a walking foot. I have tried a roller foot and a teflon foot but honestly, nothing works better than a walking foot! 
  • I've used cotton webbing to make the adjustable strap. If you don't have any on hand, you can make your own strap. I don't have a tutorial ready but I'm certain you could easily find one online. 
If you'd like to try out the Zinnia pattern, you can find it in my pattern shop on Etsy.


  1. These bags are beautiful! I'd love to try this pattern. 2 new patterns a month is such a lofty goal! I just finished writing a tutorial; I can't imagine the amount of work that goes into an actual pattern. So glad to have found your blog!

    1. Hi Reece! I'm glad you love the Zinnia bag - so do I! The first 2 or 3 patterns take forever but then you develop a "system" and it goes much quickly for the next patterns. I have a sketchbook full of pattern ideas but you are right - 2 patterns a month is probably a little ambitious. However, I am up for the challenge. :)