Saturday, January 17, 2015

Pattern Review: India Hobo Bag

Even though I am a pattern designer now,  I still LOVE to try out other patterns. Sometimes I get inspired for a pattern of my own or I learn about a new technique. I make sure to never copy someone else's work. I know the time and effort that goes into coming up with a new design, drafting pattern pieces, sewing sample bags, photographing, writing the PDF. It is time consuming!

I recently tried out the India Hobo Bag. I was looking for a larger bag for myself because I do tend to carry small to medium sized bags and they tend to get a little stuffed. I was so pleased by how easily this bag sews that I made a few for my Etsy shop. The pieces just seem to line up perfectly when sewing!

Faux leather bottom, bleached twill, canvas

Denim and linen bag

This pattern allows you to make hobo bags in 2 different sizes. I only made the large size but I could see the smaller size being very roomy as well. There are 2 very large open pockets on the outside and I made another one of those large pockets on the inside plus a zippered pocket. You could make it with 4 open pockets AND a zippered pocket but I chose to leave more space on the inside.

One large open pocket and one zippered pocket

There are so many possibilities for this bag in terms of fabric and pattern placement. I used a patterned linen on the underside of one strap and I thought it was a very nice touch. The strap itself is really nice and wide so if you're carrying heavy items, it will definitely be more comfortable. The strap length is not adjustable and I did find it was a bit low on my body (I am 5'6") so it may be not ideal for shorter folks but that really is personal preference.

Beautiful feather print on the underside of the strap!

This is not a stiff bag. It is definitely meant to be slouchy! I think it could be made stiffer but would not look quite right. I just interfaced with duck canvas which resulted in the perfect amount of stiffness and structure. I tried a variety of exterior fabrics: faux leather, denim, linen. They all worked out without any issues!

Faux leather option!

What would I change about this bag? I think I need some kind of closure for the top. Probably just a magnetic snap or a button/loop closure would do the trick but when it sort of just hangs open, I get worried that things will fall out. Other than that, I love this bag!

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